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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are these payday loans?

The payday loans are unsecured cash advances that help in satisfying financial obligations till your next payment date. They are very helpful in bridging the cash gap between two consecutive payment dates. We at Long Term Payday Loans specialize in fetching payday loans for you in Canada.

How do I get my proceeds through deals like installment loans and no credit check loans?

On approval of your loan application, we will deposit the loan amount straight into your bank account. It can be any bank account of your choice.

How fast will I get the cash?

The required amount will reach you within hours of applying with us. We make use of very advanced software that enables us to match your requirements with the available array of deals in a matter of few seconds.

How much money can I get?

The loan amount that you get through our deals will be based on your capability to pay back the loan and your current monetary requirement.

Is my personal financial information secure with you?

Absolutely! We respect your right to privacy and thereby protect your personal information by using a variety of latest technological measures. All personal information that you provide us while submitting the loan application is safeguarded using Secure Socket Layer encryption technology.

Do you make any restrictions on how the loan amount should be utilized?

Not at all! With us, you enjoy complete flexibility in using the loan amount. You can make use it whichever way you feel like. We leave it to you to take decision on how the loan amount should be used.

What all information do I have to provide to submit the loan application?

We will collect your name, phone number, address and other job details while submitting the loan application.

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